About Attach U



The Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. (ATN) is a parent-led, international non-profit founded in 1995 to support, education and advocate for families of traumatized children and those with attachment impairments. Through a recent Pepsi Refresh grant, ATN has been able to create the Learning Center to expand our education efforts.

The Learning Center is designed to house ATN-generated webinars (both recorded and live sessions) as well as guest workshops and resources written and presented by others that are specific to parenting, treating or working with children with attachment trauma and their families.


Goals of Learning Center:

  1. Provide education that increases knowledge of effects of early childhood trauma and attachment disorders and the ability/skill set needed to care for and promote healing in these children.
  2. Provide educational opportunities to help parents become therapeutic.
  3. Provide educational opportunities for professionals who work with children and families so they will be more aware of what attachment trauma is, and the specialized care and support these children and families need.

Philosophy of ATN’s Learning Center

The Learning Center is a collaborative venture. All ATN-produced offerings will be developed through collaboration of trauma-sensitive, attachment-focused therapists and experienced therapeutic parents. ATN believes that traumatized children and their families have the best opportunity for healing when therapists and parents work together. All families need the support of an experienced attachment/trauma professional, and all professionals should actively work with the parents, providing coaching, support and education to help the parents and families become the healing agents these children need.

ATN’s Learning Center is meant to be a gathering place of the ever-growing body of training and resources (webinars, books, DVDs, etc.) focused on attachment & trauma issues. If you know of resources or presenters who should be included in ATN’s Learning Center, please contact Email or call 888-656-9806.