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Educating Traumatized Children Summit

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We’re back with another Educating Traumatized Children Summit full of audio interviews of the best and brightest in the Trauma-Sensitive Schools movement.  You will NOT want to miss the 15 interviews of expert educators in the field of trauma-informed care.  Teachers, administrators, counselors and parents will all find this series helpful in working with children of trauma.


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Summit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Speakers include:

  • Dr. Ross Greene, Lives in the Balance and author of Lost in School
  • Dr. Robert Hull, trauma-informed school psychologist & educator
  • Heather Forbes, LCSW, Beyond Consequences Institute
  • Dr. Susan Craig, author and career educator on teaching traumatized children
  • Dr. Tim Purnell, Superintendent of Somerville School District
  • Melissa Sadin, MAT, M.Ed., Director of Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools, ATN
  • Cheri Reaves, MA.Ed., Director of Points of Access, LLC


Topics include:

  • Re-Thinking Children’s Behavior…the Seismic Shift
  • The Importance of Top Administrators’ Leadership in Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools
  • The Heart of Early Learning
  • Teachers:  Self-Care isn’t Selfish
  • Why Trauma-Sensitive Schools?
  • The Compton Case’s Impact on How Trauma is Addressed in Schools.
  • Trauma-Informed IEPs

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